And…Cue Plot Twist!


It is a crisp sunny morning. Breakfast has been devoured, clothes neat and pressed and your smile has never looked so great. The TV screen says no chance of rain and the birds are singing all of your favorite Broadway tunes. You drive off and turn on the radio. It’s your favorite song! You sing along zipping through traffic and waving at all the passersby. Life is great, until…

*Plot twist*

You get to your destination and the sky magically gets all upset right when you get out of your car. Oh no. You forgot your umbrella…and your car keys…inside your locked car. Great. A car rounds the curb and splashes your once-neat clothes with grey slush. This is going to be a doozy.

You met this guy in middle school. He’s everything you could ever want. He likes you and you like him. He buys you a stuffed bear for Valentine’s Day and a card with puppies on it for your birthday. You both start planning your futures together. The kids have been named, the house has perfect curtains and you even have a swimming pool. Picket fence? Check. Minivan? Check. Matching tennis uniforms? Check. He plans on becoming a doctor and you want to be a stay at home mom. You have the perfect relationship.

*Plot twist*

In high school, you finally realize how stupid he really was. (You can’t figure out which is lower, his pants or his I.Q.) He doesn’t really like the idea of being a doctor (or your boyfriend) anymore. Maybe a pro football player…with a blonde wife. Wait, you aren’t blonde… Thank goodness you dodged that bullet. It’s not like you ever think of Justin. Or was it Jason? Maybe Joe…

Ah, your first car. You really worked hard for that thing. Not a scratch after five years. You really have her looking good. It’s just been washed and waxed to perfection. Show room condition, she is. She really turns heads. You figure you should take her out for a little joy ride. After all, she is your pride and joy.

*Plot twist*

Bambi decides to haphazardly take a little trot across the highway. Well, the little trot results in a totaled car, crushed dreams, many nights of crying yourself to sleep and one messed up deer.

Plot twists. Gotta love them. They can be for your good or your total demise. Life is funny that way. But I guess if everything was predictable, things would get boring and no lessons would be learned. I suppose that is the whole point of a plot twist. Something that will sling you down into the nearest seat and really make you think about what is going on in your life.

Other twists result in interesting stories. Things that you will never forget until the day you die. (Also known as the Ultimate Plot Twist.) Let’s face it; no interesting story ever ends the way you expect with everything being happy and orderly. Unless it’s a Disney movie. Those are the only valid exceptions. Star Wars and Inception are great examples of plot twists. And let’s face it, if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be so awesome.

So if you are facing a plot twist, just think of it as a way to make interesting memories or learn something new. You can make almost anything positive if you try. Unless it’s jury duty. No one can make jury duty positive. Period.

Lots of Love,


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