No Method, Just Madness


Here lately, I have been hearing different girls talk about the methods they use to attract a male’s attention. Some use a walk, smile, wink, stare etc. And of course, every red-blooded man-loving woman knows the classic “Bend and Snap” maneuver. Despite all of this, I must confess something. I have no method. Period. I am probably the most awkward “flirter” in the history of courtship. Being naturally shy and more of the observant type, I tend to pick guys from the sidelines instead of jumping right in a sea of people. I prefer to watch his actions, expressions and movements before I make any rash decisions. Even after close observation, I tend to over think things and stumble through the process. That’s what kills most of my ventures. I try to predict every miniscule detail instead of just going with the flow. By the time I finally talk to the guy, my voice gets smaller and my face gets redder. Let’s just say I know where every stitch in the top of my shoe is.

Knowing this, I have set a challenge up for myself. I want to improve my social skills and boost my confidence a bit. How will I do this? I’m still working on it. Don’t get me wrong, I was worse growing up. Some people didn’t even know I had the physical ability to talk. They would stare in shock as they watched my open my mouth and form words. The real stunning part was that sounds were actually being produced. Since I have taken speech and presentation classes, I have discovered that I can speak when I am nervous, just no guarantees if it will make sense.

And how on earth do girls do it? Some of them can just walk up to any guy and just enrapture them within five minutes. To be honest, I have always wanted Marilyn Monroe flirting abilities. She could make anyone melt just by giving them a slight smile and a look. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Don’t get me wrong though, I love who I am, but I would like to improve. And let’s face it, when it came to attraction, Marilyn had it all.

Maybe you have a signature method for flirting. I would love to hear them! Stay awesome and flirt on.

Lots of Love,


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