Dream On…

Admit it, you do it too. Sitting in a boring classroom where the teacher is spouting off the importance of integers or a stuffy board meeting where the primary concern is what color the new carpet in the lounge area will be. Joy. It’s great to know that these fabulous people know how to make good use of your precious time. But daydreaming, that makes everything okay. You think about that guy you saw at Target in the music section. Wow, he had nice hair, and eyes…and that smile! It could inspire anyone on earth for a lifetime! You see him glance at you and you coyly smile. You feel your heart race and you inhale sharply…

“So what do you think of the new agenda?”

“Wha, what?”

“The agenda. You know, the reason we had this meeting.”

“Oh, that one. Um, yeah. Sounds great.”

“So you will work out the details?”

“Uh, yeah. Sounds interesting.”

“Okay. We will be expecting it by Thursday. This Thursday.”

Crap. Details? The only detailing you were concerned about were the muscles on that fine hunk of man in your imagination. Great. Get ready to kiss your promotion good bye. Having not learned your lesson, you revert to your old ways and continue to think of the same guy, this time he just so happens to love you and you both are in the Bahamas after he won the presidential campaign and he bought you that new ring that would put Tiffany’s to shame. Casey two cubicles over would be so jealous…

Daydreaming is a great way to pass time. It allows you to create a world where everything goes right. The sky is the limit. And sometimes, you can go further than that. You can be anyone, go anywhere, do anything and no one can stop you. If you only knew how many times I replaced Emma Stone in the Spiderman movie just to get close to Andrew Garfield…wow, his hair…it’s angelic.

The strange thing about me is that sometimes I mix the facts of reality into my daydreams. I sit and think, “Wait, that’s impossible. No one can fly.” When I should be thinking, “I wonder where I will hover over today. Venice, France, perhaps London.” I mean, the whole point of me even dreaming is to get AWAY from reality, yet somehow I intermingle the two. Come on, Kate’s brain. Stop being so technical and go crazy, please.

I wonder sometimes what it’s like to be a comic book writer, or a musician or an artist. Just imagine having a career that actually allowed you to think and do things that everyone said was irrational or impossible. You would get to bend reality on a daily basis. How invigorating. But it seems that people are crushing creativity and anything that resembles it. Just think of “The Logical Song” by Supertramp. I feel like that is the story of my life. I used to live in a world where the flowers had faces and the sun would smile down at me anytime I played outside. Now, you are swamped with lifeless technicalities, drafts, facts and statistics on a pale sheet of paper. They stare at you with cold eyes and mock your dreams. Everything is calloused and crushes any hope of warmth or freedom.

Daydreaming however renews your attitude. It gives you something to tuck in your pocket and get out anytime you are feeling down. It is that colorful umbrella you had as a kid that could make any rainy day seem perfect. You just get it out, pop it open, slide on your rain boots and you are ready for anything those clouds shower down on you. It’s nice to have something that makes you tingly and smile like an idiot on a crowded elevator. Yeah, that chick in the suit is staring at you, and no, it’s not because she likes your earrings. Don’t worry though, if smiling out of the blue makes you insane, I don’t want to be normal.

So the next time life has beat you to the ground and refuses to let you out of that headlock, then dream your worries away. Just keep in mind that you can’t poof your snotty coworkers to oblivion. I know that would make things so much easier. Just remember what Cinderella sang to her little bird and mouse friends. “No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”

Dream on, my friends and try to pay attention to the major details in those extended board meetings. Until next time.

Lots of Love,


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